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ignite talks (the one's i was actually able to hear)

1.Is it too late to pursue your career? change your dream? one connection thats relatable farenheight 451 bc its not too late who you want to become.
2. whats your biggest fear? ppl say death and a connection is emerson bc everyone says "dont be afraid" and to be yourself and express their true fears
3.perfection in life? nothing in life is perfect at all
4.what is creaitivity? learned that creativity is an opinion like when you have something different to share, its something that you dont normally see.
5. what does it mean to make music and what is it? we are able to identify literature,
6. Why does everyone hate Mondays? everyone has negative feelings about a day. People just hate it bc its just the first day of the week, it can be a really good day if you make it a good day
7. are humans evil or does society make them evil? people who are bad experiences in life they have the urge to make bad choices and the good people make good choices. society influences them, news focus on the bad things which makes people think the same
8. why do we trust and take risks for people when we know the outcome wont be great? why do we give second chances? peoppe give second chances bc we're unique we all make different mistakes ssometimes we dont know ourselves and deserve a second chance
9.what kind of impact does music have on society? people just have influence on things, we see connections a connection with modest proposal bc it catches peoples attention
10. what am i going to do after high school? we spend time looking at colleges and stuff we get nervous
11. we have to concentrate on our health first before everyone else's and focus on our problems first
12. why do people dream? ppl dream over 6 times per night will the world be in many years from now? how will it change? children will be more independent. Technology changes the structures of brains so it affects us in developing different ideas
14. how much control do we have over ourselves?
15. more about the universe? we could find out more secrets
16. how does music affect our emotions? we think about a certain thing when a song plays which gets deep into our thoughts


       The author stated his argument that started off with a simple picture of his breakfast. His use of syntax and diction help us understand what his argument is leaning towards too and what is the meaning of his choice of words that are reflecting upon his argument. His tone reflects on the way he is trying to get us to process the fact that his argument is in fact, true. He does not seem angry but just a little bit of sadness because he misses someone who later on describes as his daughter. His use of rhetorical strategies is persuasive to his audience by encouraging us to view his perspective of the value of pictures.
       Dr.Preston stated, " We no longer tell the stories of our pictures. Our pictures tell the stories of us". His choice of words briefly describe how we once had a story for our pictures meaning we once said "Oh this was Christmas in 2005", now we take so many pictures and post them on social media at once. He basically states that we post everything we do on social media that the whole world knows what we're up to because we post many pictures. If we post a picture of a can of beer, then that specifically explains who we are, we drink and we are putting poison in our body. If we were to take a normal family picture on social media then that will have a different story to it, it will explain how its a family picture at a family gathering or something but nowadays that's not the case because we lost the value of what pictures truly stand for.
       He is trying to get us to comprehend how we don't see the past value of pictures. When he took the picture of his breakfast he felt sad his daughter wasn't with him to share it. Also, he thought to himself "Oh no I'm one of those people who post everything about their lives." I think the way how the picture affected his morning breakfast is because the picture does not tell a story. If his daughter were in it, the story of the picture taken by him would be a loving father having a nice time enjoying breakfast with his daughter at so and so's diner.
       The point of his essay was to briefly describe how the value of a picture has been lost. Pictures now determine what we do, who we are, and what we like according to what we post. Pictures he considered that were left in the past had a different meaning because they weren't posted on social media and weren't about 5 of the same images on a certain social community. He is explaining his reasoning that now when we post about anything then you can literally determine what a person is like rather than telling a story about the image of what it stands for and how/why/when it was taken.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Ignite talks

1. BIG Question
Why is it that in school we learn unnecessary things we don't need in our futures or most likely we won't use in the future? Why aren't we taught the necessary things like on how and when to pay taxes? Why has the American school system failed in so many ways but yet is remaining strong? If you're interested in majoring in one of the subjects being taken at school then awesome! a jump start! but then why would college be special when the point of college/university is to pursue your dream career

2. What I did to answer my question: RESEARCH
Many people believe the American school system is screwed up because so many people have the idea of dropping out. It is estimated 1.2 million students drop out of school. They don't include the things we want to learn in order to prepare us for the future. The school makes it mandatory to learn these "things" that has nothing to do within our future. According to my research, some schools do not care about their students when they need help, they only care when its their own convenience. For example, attendance, many sudents argue teachers and the whole school industry get paid for making sure students show up. We learn math but we DO NOT LEARN how to pay taxes, how to manage a bank account, how to invest, pay mortgage, and we do not know other things that we will use in the future that require math, but we know how many pineapples Johny bought in total with 5 dollars. Our science teachers teach us false facts, for example the atom structure we are taught is FALSE. Our cafeteria food is nothing compared to other countries, their food is much more healthy and fresh. Our food are nachos, some old rice, sometimes expired milk, pb&j's with stiff bread and cheeseburgers. Google school lunches from Ukraine, North Korea,Greece, France and notice the difference in what they provide their students. The teachers do not have the fault whatsoever, it's the school system itself. Not only that! teachers are underpaid and they have most important job in the world. The school sustem was made 162 years ago by 10 university leaders, they decided what we should learn on a daily basis. There was a claim made by a young man who said they suggested we learn these unwanted things so college can be making their money, if we were to learn it all in High school colleges would lose money which is more than possible why the 10 university leaders created this form of learning for high schoolers.
What I learned from researching
There is gravity in space after all
Atom structure taught at school is false

4. Connection
so many videos that rely the problem of American education

Thursday, April 27, 2017

AP Prompt Essay

     Do you love and enjoy being outdoors to cherish nature? Well Yosemite National Park is a significant place to spend time with friends and family. Yosemite is known for its great big waterfalls and campgrounds. There more than 10 activties you can do at Yosemite such as hiking, swimming, fishing, climbing  etc. It id located in the Sierra Nevada of California, near the city of Mariposa.
      Not only is Yosemite a huge place to camp at, it is full of history. There are museums in Yosemtie to remember the great history it has behind it. It is said it was home of The Ahwanneechee. The name "Yosemite" means Killer in Miwok.
       Yosemite is a big chunk of land that is filled with just nature. 95% of the land is wildrenss. Besides the fact that Yosemite is a National Park meant for camping, they are very caring with their plants and animals. They have huge support of diveristy for plants  and animals. Yosemite consists of 160 rare plants and they are carefully taken care of.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Clarisse vs. Beatty
      Bradbury introduces the character Clarisse as a smart minded, independent girl who is different from society. In the other hand, Beatty is basically the problem of what society faces, he wants everyone to be the same, not physically but mentally.
       Clarisse  starts off by having a friendly relationship with Montag and she then asked him if he was "happy". Clarisse and Montag somehow clicked because Montag liked the way the girl had her mind set, he enjoyed their conversations because not even his wife Millie would listen to him. By the time Montag felt some type of connection towards Clarisse she disappeared completely but later on was told she had gotten hit by a car. He felt devastated because he had never met anyone with the same understanding he did about the world. They both knew there was something great out there that is yet forbidden from their lives. After Clarisse "died" Montag had the audacity to read which was against the law. No one was allowed to have anything readable, just television or perhaps a radio. He risked his life because he wanted to seek his happiness wondering what was reading a book all about. Since a woman was burned to death along with her books Montag was traumatized but then was left wondering what was so important about a stack of papers filled with hundreds of words. Therefore, he seeked his happiness figuring out about the importance of books even if it meant breaking the law.Bradbury built this type of friendship between Clarisse and Montag by them understanding each other in a way no one else can comprehend. Montag went after what he desired but something stood by his way.
         Beatty is the one who gives orders at the fire station, firefighters cause the fires instead of preventing or stopping them. Having any kind of book including the bible was illegal because Beatty's argument was that books are only to make people worried or stressed and are a waste of time. He was the problem that stood by Montag's rode of happiness. Beatty burned anyone's home who owned books and Montag didn't want his house burned but he still wished to learn the importance of books. He knew it was illegal which was why he tried keeping it a secret but Mildred and her friends decided to snitch so it all went bad for Montag. Montag risked his life for a book, he wanted to read, he liked reading after all and he was not willing to give up because he had found his happiness. Bradbury made Beatty as an evil heartless person for burning homes, maybe he made it this way to prove that you should do what you believe makes you happy and be self reliant. Something will always get in between you and your rode of happiness because there will be something that will try to block it. Montag knew what he wanted and he killed the boss, Beatty, because his desire to read books was outrageous and only he could understand why. Therefore, I believe that Bradbury made Montag interfere with Clarisse and Beatty to prove that good and bad things associate within your pathway of happiness.